Tim Anderson

Integrative Counsellor Msc
Mindfulness Mentor

Hello digital travellers, I am glad you have found my page!

I have created this website as a way to connect with like-minded people, to share my experiences and ideas, and to create some healthy debate and discussion around important issues. I have a wide array of personal interests which I would like to write about including mental health, human psychology, self-growth, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, health and wellbeing, travel and cryptocurrency.

My philosophy on life is balance. I believe that having sustained happiness and fulfillment is a great balancing act, which takes a lot of work to develop and maintain for each individual. Self-growth is an essential part of this work, and I hope to share my own journey with you whilst providing guidance on how you can work towards fulfulling your own potential as a human being.

Alongside this blog I am also an integrative counsellor, which means I used a mixed methods approach when working with my clients. Where counselling focusses more on mental health and overcoming particular difficulties, I also offer mentorship which focusses more on psycho-education and the teaching of practices like meditation and mindfulness. I also offer careers guidance for those who are feeling stuck regarding their direction in life and are need of support.

My key aim is to help people bring balance, happiness and peace into their lives, finding new and healthier ways to cope and to thrive, and letting unnecessary anxieties and negative belief systems fall away. If you think you may want to work with me online, drop me an email for a free session at theconsciouscounsellor@protonmail.com.

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